Wigs, Corsets and a Wet Nose

The wet nose belongs to the house labrador at Clopton barn and the wigs and corsets came with the showcase of ‘Ipso Facto’, a new musical play based on a Henry Fielding original, which rehearsed here in April 2010.

Traditional Suffolk barns make great perfomance spaces but these buildings have been transformed by owner Jane Stevensen into something very special.

Light pours in to the main space through a huge glazed (and insulated) entrance, the acoustics are good, there is cosy underfloor heating, courtyard space outside in which to run through lines or just take a much neeed coffee break, a kitchen area, toilets, parking and even a minstrels gallery.

For our purposes it was a perfect solution; the costume designer could live ‘above the shop’ in the equally smart hayloft conversion and when Jane offered use of the adjacent old chapel, no less, as the production wardrobe, we felt we had really taken over.

Highly recommended as a quality and practical working space for artists, musicians and actors. Dancers will need a harlequin floor or equivalent over the – very expensive – stone!