A late summer wedding party

“The Barn could not have been a more perfect venue for our wedding reception. We wanted a venue that was beautiful, different, and allowed us to have the wedding we wanted. The barn itself is a stunning beamed building with need for little decoration and floor to ceiling windows. We chose to have the DJ on the gallery leaving plenty of space for 10 tables. The covered courtyard made for a fantastic welcome drinks, bar and buffet area and although we were very lucky with the weather it would still have worked perfectly if it had rained. The icing on the cake for us was the Hayloft, where we stayed for our wedding night – a perfect venue for the perfect wedding day”

Nina and Aaron

September 3rd 2011 was a glorious late summer’s day for Nina and Aaron’s wedding party at the Barn, ¬†and the party arrived from Church to an enticing welcome ………..

The kissing booth


The kissing booth was open for business from the start, and in the glorious early September sunshine little excuse for romantic behaviour was needed. The booth was built by the groom himself, and the candyfloss theme worked perfectly throughout.


Guests enjoyed drinks in the courtyard before going through to the Barn for the wedding breakfast.

A tantalising glimpse through the roses

Looking through the Barn door


And down from the balcony

Birds eye view


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